EVIL THINGIES, THE: New Shapes In Sound 10″ (white vinyl)


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Face it, mister King Koen never gives up! After his band Bonedaddy and his work for The Ewings he now found the time to put up The Evil Thingies.Call it super fuzz garage punk a go-go, or call it the nu-psychedelic sixties rock trip to The Chesterfield Kings, The Lyres, Miracle Workers and The Fuzztones. New Shapes In Sound contains a collection of ten soon to be classics on perfect white vinyl and in the best sound, you can get. Mono that is!


1. I’ll Make You Pay
2. I Want My Money Back
3. Enough Of Your Lies
4. Gotta Get A Grip
5. Outside/Inside
6. It’s A Thingie!
7. Hung Up On You
8. More Than What I Got
9. I’ll Make You Pay Twice
10. I Can Only Give You Everything

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