MAD CADDIES: The Holiday Has Been Cancelled 10″


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Santa Barbaras pride and joy, MAD CADDIES are in the mix with 5 toe-tappin, earthshakin, Punkdixielandjazzmayhemcore tunes that are gonna send the kids straight into the pit! How can you beat the potion of hardcore breaks and dixieland interludes all stuck together with drums of thunder and some of the most harmonious vocals on the planet? The guys even pay tribute to disco giants ABBA with their very own rendition of the hit song S.O.S. The only thing bad about this EP is that its only 5 songs… the good news? Holiday Has Been Cancelled is now available on vinyl for the first time! This 10” is a must for any Caddies fan’s collection


1. Falling Down
2. Nobody Wins at the Laundromat
3. Something’s Wrong at the Playground
4. Destro
5. S.O.S.

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