WILD EVEL & LOS INFIERNO: Mucho Tequila 10″ Pic-Disc


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Garage-caveman Wild Evel – lead singer of THE INCREDIBLE STAGGERS and WILD EVEL & THE TRASHBONES – went on a journey to Mexico where he decided to record some crazy songs together with the wild and primitive Garagepunk combo LOS INFIERNO (feat. the guitarist of LOS EXPLOSIVOS); and out came a smashing picture-shape with four amazing cover songs of 60’s classics.Starting off with a cover by the Mexicans of “Vete Al Infierno” by Peruvian 60’s band LOSYORKS, the shape continues with THE MAGIC MUSHROOM’s “I’m Gone” which is one of the two included co-productions of the Mexican boys together with the Austrian madman. The B-side begins with THE ANIMALS’ “It’s My Life”, again their corporate interpretation, and the final song is a cover of THE TROGGS’ classic “I Can’t Control Myself”. All of these versions have a rough, trashy and intense Garage-Rock’n’Roll approach that is simply addictive! TRACKLIST:SIDE A:1. Vete Al Infierno2. I’m GoneSIDE B:1. It’s My Life2. I Can’t Control Myself

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