PRICKS: Singles & Unreleased 1997-2002 CD


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Have this album and you do not need more of the Pricks. 58 hard-ass punk rock classics from these cats. All the singles (now out of print), the first cassette demo and new songs never released before.Digipack with booklet!


1. Shoot You In The Head
2. Retarded Ronnie
3. Blackheads
4. F**kface
5. You Talk To Much
6. Shut Up
7. Homework
8. Dollface
9. Stay Away From Me
10. Butthole City
11. Beauty Expert
12. I Don’T Need Your School
13. Too Early For School
14. Asswipe
15. Dumbass Motherf**ker
16. High On Goofball
17. Anabolic
18. 555-Moron
19. The Pricks
20. You Don’T Know A Thing
21. Crap From The Beginning
22. In The Mind Of A Rich Kid
23. Voices In My Head
24. I Hate Cd’S
25. 1st Press Only
26. Twice As Smart As You
27. F**k You
28. That’S Easy For You To Say
29. Commercial Sucks
30. Tunafish
31. Personal Opinions
32. I Dont Need Your School
33. Childmolester
34. Oh, No!
35. Life Alert
36. Allergic
37. God Is Bullshit
38. The Pricks-Ii
39. F**k The Kkk
40. Tell Me More
41. She Drives Me Crazy
42. Don’T Tell Us What To Do
43. Nazi Scum Die
44. You’Re Worse Than An Increase In Postal Rates
45. I’M Insane
46. Boring
47. My Way Of Livin’
48. God Is Bullshit-Ii
49. Ugly
50.Bonustracks : Twice As Smart As You: First Demo
51.Bonustracks : Take You Life: First Demo
52.Bonustracks : F**k You: First Demo
53.Bonustracks : I Hate Cd’S: First Demo
54.Bonustracks : Trick Eye: First Demo
55.Bonustracks : Give It Back: First Demo
56.Bonustracks : No Remorse: First Demo
57.Bonustracks : It’S Best To Shut Up: First Demo
58.Bonustracks : My Life: First Demo

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