RAT HOLIC: Wipe Out With Rat Holic CD


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This five-piece combo from Japan delivers a fun, energetic set of surf and frat rock style tunes on this 16 track CD. Featuring Kahori on organ, Marie on drums, Run Run on bass, Etsuko on saxophone and Ajiro on guitar, this band might have an odd name, but they play rock n’ roll on the same level as fellow countrymen Jackie & The Cedrics, Goggle-A, The Le Caminos and The Mighty Moguls.TRACKLIST:1. Silver Bullet2. Mr. Hiro3. Little Woody4. Surf Party5. Good Grief6. Dynamite7. Kamikaze 250cc Rider8. Surfin’ Alligator (Live)9. Yuhi (Live)10. Church Key (Live)11. (Koi-no) Rat Blues12. Red River Rock13. Fat Rat Surfer14. Surfin’ Chihuahua15. Run! Run!Buy on iTunes StoreAvailable on Amazon

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