SPEEDBALL JR: Treble In Paradise CD


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Third long player for Speedball Jr, a band formed in the summer of 2000 during Ghent’s (surf city Belgium) famous surf explosion. They originally played more traditional surf rock like Dick Dale, Bobby Fuller Four and the Ventures. You can hear these influences on their first studio session which was recorded at the end of 2000 at the Yellow Tape studio. Later on they developed a more trashy sound with more garage and sixties influences and started to write their own tunes. Sleeve design is a masterpiece of hotrod-trash-art Mighty Sam the renowned graphic artist.


1. Treble In Paradise (3:06)
2. Swell Hell (2:26)
3. Swimming With The Sharks (2:54)
4. Beat Girl (1:51) (John Barry)
5. Take It Back (2:31)
6. Pilgrimage (3:00)
7. Bombora (3:30) (The Atlantics)
8. Motion Of The Ocean (3:07)
9. Mr. White (3:02)
10. … And The Horse You Rode In On (2:43) (Gary Siperko)
11. There She Blows (4:10)
12. Halloween (2:49) (Rob Zombie & The Ghastly Ones)
13. Maiden Surf (2:16)
14. Cor Steijn Rides The Wild (3:04) (The Apemen)

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