CREEPY CREEPS, THE: Creep-o-Fonic Sound LP


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The Creepy Creeps Debut LP with 12 tracks of killer surf-garage punk on a split monster green&clear vinyl, that will provide you the soundtrack for the ultimate dance party! The band has gained cult status in their hometown San Diego and have built up a strong following on the back of awesome live shows where they dress as Mariachi Zombies. This debut has received airplay on Mark Lamarr’s BBC Radio 2 Show in the UK and allowed them to win a competition to support the New York Dolls in San Diego. Be prepared to embrace your new F****in band!!!


A1. Biffins Bridge
A2. Cleto
A3. Creepin’ Round
A4. Drop In
A5. Here We Come
A6. Log Boss
B1. You Must Fight To Live On The Planet Of The Apes
B2. Shindig On The 13TH Floor
B3. Solid Ghoul Stomp
B4. Spider ZombieB5. The Wheel
B6. Tiki Mug Shoot

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