RIVIERA PLAYBOYS, THE: Ambassadors Of Rock-N-Roll! CD


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Behind a Garage door on East Main Street in Rochester, New York resides a band of Nomadic Rock-N-Roll Gypsies…The Riviera Playboys! Behind this door is where these guys tinker with their sound…Fender Guitars, Fuzz Boxes and Ludwig Drums are their tools and like a mechanic fine tunes his 1966 Buick Riviera, these guys hammer out their songs and then hit the streets, burning rubber all the way to the gig where you can then witness them explode on stage like a Drag Strip Race crash!The Riviera Playboys represent the epitome of ’60s garage rock-n-roll bands. Their music is timeless, has a powerfully menacing quality, and is best described in their own words as “raw, electrified rock-n-roll!”. Driven by fuzz and reverb drenched guitars, the approach is primal, but the music has strong melodic content and vocal harmonies. The sound of The Riviera Playboys is one of the most primal, fundamental forms of rock-n-roll. Their intense sound has a timeless quality that rock-n-roll aficionados will always appreciate!


1. I Just Wanna Be (Your Lovin’ Man)
2. If You Asked
3. Wig City
4. Love Me
5. I’m The Pusherman
6. Telling You Not To Go
7. She Used To Be My Girl
8. No I’m Not
9. We’re Going Down
10. Right Where You Belong
11. Your Lovin’ Ways
12. I Want Your Love
13. I’m Sorry
14. It Won’t Come Back

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