ACID’S TRIP: Strings Of Soul LP


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Acid’s Trip has done it again – high energy rock’n’roll with string-bending licks, a touch of soul and a blazing organic beat. This best describes the Gothenburg-based quartet that has taken the timeless sound of past decades to a whole new level. The album “Strings of Soul” was recorded during the late summer of 2020 by the band themselves for that hard rock feel and the production was mixed and mastered by genius sound engineer Ola Ersfjord (Honeymoon Disease, Tribulation, Dead Lord etc.). The rock was played and the tambourine is still grooving!

With past releases like the 12” maxi vinyl ”Rock´n´Roll Speedball” the band has generated Shell Shock while delivering top speed live action on any occasion and the debut album “Strings of Soul” is no exception. 11 exploding tracks filled with emotion, rawness and melodies to bring you on a sonically unforgettable journey that really puts this album on the race track!

The band has already worked up a well acclaimed live portfolio while touring the streets of Europe and this album has really captured the feel of being out on the road while leaving strings of soul for miles on end. This album is like an explosive mixture of Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Hellacopters that delivers instant hits like ”Get It Right”, ”No more fucks ” and dubbed favourite by fans ”Faster Chopper Boogie” that will hit you right in the face and straight in the heart.

Get ready to be blown away and down with vibes from the early 70s while blasting ”Strings of Soul” on full tilt boogie! Knuckleheads and motor fanatics, start your engines and may your soul rest in speed!


1. Prelude
2. Strings of Soul
3. The kiss riff
4. No more fucks
5. High Time
6. Just a man
7. Faster Chopper Boogie
8. Creature of the Lagoon
9. Get it right
10. Delusions of Grandeur
11. If Only (I were the only)
12. Come hell or high water