BRANT BJORK: And The Operators LP (Striped Yellow/Orange/Red)


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Brant Bjork’s sophomore album is being reissued for the 20th anniversary with a new cover and coloured vinyl!!

Brant Bjork and the Operators is the second solo album by desert rocker Brant Bjork. Although titled Brant Bjork and the Operators, Bjork sings and plays most of the instruments on the album. He is joined by friends Mathias Schneeberger and Mario Lalli to lend guitar and vocals.


1. Hinda 65
2. Smarty Pants
3. My Ghettoblaster
4. Electric Lalli Land
5. From The Ground Up (We Just Stay The Same)
6. Cheap Wine
7. Cocoa Butter
8. Joey’s Radio
9. Captain Lovestar
10. Hinda 65 (Return Flight)

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