LOS CHICOS: We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit! 7″


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From Madrid, Spain, this is a six-man rock’n’roll machine constructed from the best parts of real rhythm’n’blues (as opposed to the pop music that gets called “R&B” these days), raucous garage rock, gritty pub’n’punk rock…and a good measure of gospel. They put all those ingredients into the mix . . . and then kick the livin’ shite out of it. Yes, it’s their pure faith in the powers of amplification and alcohol that saw them on a previous visit to the UK get a room of 200 sinners down on to their knees before taking each and every one of ’em straight outta the venue, and making a party in the nearby McDonalds before heading to an Indian restaurant (and really bringing rock’n’roll to the people!), leaving mayhem in their wake. Featuring a line up that makes the Cramps’ audience at Napa State look normal a fasttalking high-climbing frontman, a half nekkid sax blower, a shaven-headed evil Doctor Pineapple, a bubble-permed bassist, and last but not least the only real twin guitar team treading the boards today, Spain’s best-kept secret are set to bust out all over the shop this year. Having had the honour of supporting the Sonics in Spain they are now raring to show the UK, and indeed the rest of the world, what real Spanish rock’n’roll sounds like! This release includes as guests, Mike Chandler of The Raunch Hands (backing vocals), Steve Greenfield of The Fleshtones and Andy G & the Roller Kings (baritone sax) on “We Sound Amazing. . .” with, on “Wreckin’ Rome”, the talented Australian Johnny Casino playing guitar. Plus the whole caboodle is produced by Mike Mariconda. These are sounds that will get any rock’n’roll party jumping!


1. We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit!
2. Wreckin’ Rome

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