MFC CHICKEN: Goin’ Chicken Crazy CD


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As one of the more humorous and slapstick outfits setting London’s rock’n’roll scene alight, Colonel Spencer and co. release a blissful edition with a spicy concoction of outlandish vocals and vintage party vibes. Goin’ Chicken Crazy is upbeat, raw and ultimately clukin’ wild!


1. Chicken In A Hurry
2. New Socks
3. Take It Or Lose It
4. Hooch Party
5. Big Cluckin’ Mistake
6. Women Who Jog
7. I Ain’t Crying (That’s Just Pomade In My Eyes)
8. Baby Let Me Bang Your Box
9. Blackout Drunk
10. Roast Potato Time
11. Goin’ Chicken Crazy
12. Beach Party
13. Losing My Mind
14. Working Girlfriend

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