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¡¡Mutan!! (read in a very loud voice) is Mutagénicos second Long-Player. 10 songs -most with vocals, as opposite to their last register, that move in different directions but always with one foot on the starting point that brings them together. The black influenced rock’n’roll of “Mutagenízate”, the frontier echoes of “2 Pistolas para un Manco”, the playful and bright beat of “Contigo”, the amphetamine fuelled rhythm of “Soy Un Robot” (with and obvious guitar nod to Wilko Johnson) or the Woogles style garage of “Junge Frau” (yes, with lyrics in German) are just some of the ingredients of ¡¡Mutan!!. Mutagénicos don’t hide their passion for certain sounds and influences, on the contrary, they put all their cards on the table, and they play the game.
A great record that should not be missing in your collection.


1. Quiero Fumar
2. Mutagenizate
3. Soy Un Robot
4. Freak Show
5. Mientes Mas Que Hablas
6. Saturno Es Aburrido
7. Contigo
8. La Ola Del Diablo
9. Junge Frau
10. 2 Pistolas Para Un Manco

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