BRANDED, THE: Self Titled LP


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Get ready for one of thee absolute highlights of 2008. This album is a real swinger!!! If you dig that crazy Bo Diddley style, the pure beat brilliance of bands like the early KINKS, IAN & THE ZODIACS, the TROGGS, the DOWNLINERS SECT & the SCORPIONS and get wylde for those US garage-punk monsters of the 60’s, like the SONICS, the WAILERS, the STOICS & the ALARM CLOCKS, there’s just this one record you really need to have in your collection, the debut-album by the amazing three-piece hit wonder from Sweden/England, called THE BRANDED. These guys certainly know what REAL rock’n’roll is all about. No experiments, no innovations, no overestimation of one’s own capabilities, just pure fun, shitsloads of energy and the ability to write all those great little diddies which will be stuck in your head forever, that’s the secret formula of those three mad wildmen. Once you’ve played the first tunes of their album, you’ll be trapped! What women and booze won’t be able to manage, these guys certainly will. A life sentence with the BRANDED, not the worst way to spend the rest of your days, believe me!


1. I Do As I Please
2. The Thang
3. Dirty Old Me
4. Shattered
5. I’m A Mean Tomcat
6. Black Gold
7. Voodoo Love
8. I’m Branded
9. You Got The Hurt
10. I Need A Woman
11. Mother Packed Bag

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