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Sensational Wild Beat and R&B combo from South of Italy, mainly influenced by the Sixties Pop and bands such as The Zombies and The Kinks. First LP material, now released on CD with a new mastering and 2 bonus songs from their tribute to the THE ROKES.In this album the Sixties pure sounds can be found and their love for the American Mid-60’s is mixed with the Garage of the 80’s. It is a perfect combination of the immortal values of Teen Punk and the Spirit of the PEBBLES compilations.TRACKLIST:1. Filthy Rich2. We Got Time3. Free To Go4. No One Cares5. Understand You’re Wrong6. Day By Day7. Love Is Hard To Find8. Don’t Talk To Strangers9. Never Met A Girl Like You10. (I’m Just) Losing Sleep11. Another Kind12. Raindrops To Teardrops13. Ora Sai14. Every Little Time15. If You Change Your Mind16. I Didn’t KnowBonus Tracks17. La Mia Citta’18. No, No, No

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