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Sensational Wild Beat and R&B combo from South of Italy, mainly influenced by the Sixties Pop and bands such as The Zombies and The Kinks. First LP material, now released on CD with a new mastering and 2 bonus songs from their tribute to the THE ROKES.In this album the Sixties pure sounds can be found and their love for the American Mid-60’s is mixed with the Garage of the 80’s. It is a perfect combination of the immortal values of Teen Punk and the Spirit of the PEBBLES compilations.


1. Filthy Rich
2. We Got Time
3. Free To Go
4. No One Cares
5. Understand You’re Wrong
6. Day By Day
7. Love Is Hard To Find
8. Don’t Talk To Strangers
9. Never Met A Girl Like You
10. (I’m Just) Losing Sleep
11. Another Kind
12. Raindrops To Teardrops
13. Ora Sai
14. Every Little Time
15. If You Change Your Mind
16. I Didn’t KnowBonus Tracks
17. La Mia Citta’
18. No, No, No

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