KILAUEAS!, THE: Maundaka Calls CD


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It’s the second album by Germany’s premier surf/instro band – The Kilaueas! Sixteen great tunes that blend the savage, out-of-this-world sounds and melodies of bands like The Space Cossacks, The Atlantics, The Shadows and Satan’s Pilgrims. They tour frequently throughout Europe, playing to sold-out clubs and wowing rabid surf fans wherever they go. The first run of Mundaka Calls sold out in record time and we are now well into the second run of discs, making this one of the best-selling Double Crown single artist release ever!TRACKLIST:1. Rumble & Run2. Triump Hator Electric3. Black Phantom Twang4. Flamingo A Go Go5. Malaguena6. Mundaka Calls7. Black Sands8. Saturday Nite At The Lavapond9. Luna Tiki10. Caravan11. Hula Roach12. Antenna Moon13. Checkmate 10014. Jaws15. Orchid Avenue16. Teenage RaptorBuy on iTunes StoreAvailable on Amazon

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