REBEL DEAD, THE: Three Sheets… CD


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Out of the ashes of a scorched scene rises a new breed of punk rock. From Long Island, they bring this scene back to what it once was. Honest songs from the heart, about truth and life experience. Songs for the streets, for the kids, something for them to listen to and appreciate. From punk to blues to rockabilly to just straight-forward rock’n’roll. The guitars sound lean, sharp, and powerful; the vocals are better controlled than ever before; and the drums have a tight snap that suits both the punkier songs as well as the slower, blusier tunes. The band tears through a fair share of rollicking, straight-ahead hard rock with songs like “I Got It Bad” and “Break Me Down” but they also show a reflective, heartfelt, country-inspired side with songs like “Bottomed Out” and not to forget the blue collar classic, “Cheers, Fuck Face”.


1. Three Sheets To The Wind
2. Dancing With the Devil
3. Long Island’s Sinking
4. Murder Ride
5. I Got It Bad
6. Cheers, Fuck-face!
7. Bottomed Out
8. Break Me Down
9. Straight Razor Smile
10. Carry On
11. Thicker than blood
12. The Hard Times

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