THEE EXCITERS: Spending Cash, Talking Trash LP


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This is a groovy, hip-shaking bastardisation of the first Them album that’s been copulating with the energy of The Shadows of Knight. “Things Ain’t Right” is the Count Five reborn –psychotic reaction indeed! But they’re not completely lost in the art of retrofication since they infuse a whole lotta punk attitude in their tunes. Yes! It’s righteous, strip-me-naked-and-paint-me FUZZ RAWK! Dial “E” for Exciters if you want your rock’n’roll party to kick some booty, baby! This album includes both their sold-out EPs and eight brand new tracks – plus two live tracks recorded at the Dirty Water Club (the CD version has a complete live set!). With fab cover art by renowned Danish artist Niels Ejnar Rust.


A1. Spending Cash, Talking Trash
A2. Pretty, Elegant And Neat
A3. Ugly Face
A4. Johnny’s To Messed Up
A5. Guts For Garters
A6. Bringing Me Down
A7. Queen Of The Scene (Live At DirtyWater)
B1. Chillin’ Truth
B2. Mummie’s Little Boy
B3. Jacob’s Gutter
B4. Out Of My Hands
B5. Things Ain’t Righ
tB6. Why Can’t You See
B7. Two Dollar Bill
B8. With You (Live At DirtyWater)

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