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28 song compilation of worldwide artists cranking out post-hardcore-influenced aggro-80’s punk rock with a lethal dose of rock n’ roll! 14 bands representing the United States, Europe plus the continents of Africa and Australia. For a high action fast paced punk rock n roll crash up derby of a good time put this on and turn it way way up!TRACKLIST:1. 29th Street Disciples – A Letter to Life2. 29th Street Disciples – Red3. V8 Wankers – Hate People/Love Cars4. V8 Wankers – Detroit 4425. Superbuick – The Last Time6. Superbuick – Plastic Bomb7. Killing California – Road Debris8. Killing California – Thirty Nine9. Muscle Car – Queen of Noise10. Muscle Car – Whore Song11. The Gecko Brothers – Rawk & Roll Monsterball12. The Gecko Brothers – One Way Ticket to Hell13. The Rebel Dead – Johnny Sings the Blues14. The Rebel Dead – Break Me Down15. The Mochines – Petrified16. The Mochines – The Pig Can Stay17. 800 Octane – Deathrace18. 800 Octane – Old People19. American Speedway – One Foot In. One Foot Out20. American Speedway – Ship of Fools21. The Carburetors – Buckle Up22. The Carburetors – Rock n Roll Forever23. Bad Machine – Smooth Taste of My Wreckage24. Bad Machine – I Want Your Body25. Harry Sons – Drunk Driver26. Harry Sons – Damn Motherfucker27. Cheri Love Affair – Bangs and Bruises28. Cheri Love Affair – Dick on Your Sleeve

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