V/A: Vertigo – Synth Punk Blasts 1978-1984 LP


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16 tracks of pure synth punk madness. Vertigo is a compilation of synth punk, mainly from little known bands. This first volume features American, German, British and Swedish punk bands. The term synth punk has been popularised in recent years, or rather vulgarised, becoming a genre that mostly describes electronic or new wave bands. This compilation highlights anger and nihilism punk with the violent rhythm of a fingering that assails a keyboard. Here, no synth pop, no new wave, no experimental music. Imagine a Killed By Death compilation led by raw razor shape synthesisers.
A1. Active Ingredients – Laundramat-Loverboy (USA, 1980)
A2. The Steves – Making Time (USA, 1980)
A3. Adaptors – Trust In Technology (USA, 1979)
A4. Craig Bevan & The Tourists – Businessman’s Bounce (USA, 1980)
A5. The Md’s – Love Me Tonight (Puerto Rico, 1981)
A6. The Naros – Bo Party (USA, 1980)
A7. Plastic Idols – Sophistication (USA, 1979)
A8. G Spot – Idle Worship (USA, 1984)
A9. Village People – Food Fight (USA, 1981)
B1. Schematix – Nothing Special (USA, 1981)
B2. Lord Manuel & La Peste – Computer Love (USA, 1978)
B3. Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons – Happy Funeral (Sweden, 1980)
B4. Hit Parade – Here’s What You Find In Any Prison (UK, 1982)
B5. Der Künftige Musikant – Es Ist Kalt (Germany, 1982)
B6. Anti-Matter – Invisible Man (USA, 1981)
B7. Treatment – Stamp Out Mutants (UK, 1981)

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