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Welcome to Gearhead Country Rock roll can rescue the world!! This is a fantastic collection of amazingly good, hard, fast-paced garage and punk rock.The powerful strength of the opening track from Japanese garage rockers Electric Eel Shock “Rock Roll can rescue the World” redlines the RPM’s and sets the pace for a maximum rock and roll experience. Rock & roll is far from dead, it continues to have life and vitality in this momentus collection from Gearhead Records.The third Gearhead budget sampler is here with 23 terrific tracks plus 3 totally unreleased gems. Make this a must for anyone into punk and roll!TRACKLIST:1. ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK – Rock And Roll Can Rescue The World2. THE WILDHEARTS – Stormy In The North, Karma In The South3. ROCK N ROLL SOLDIERS – Anthem4. BLACK FURIES – Murder City Shakedown5. THE TURBO A.C.’S – Fistful of Fury6. MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS – Perfect Balance7. NEW BOMB TURKS – Weekend8. THE DRAGONS – C’mon9. THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT – Buried10. PINK SWORDS – Drop Dead11. NRA – N2812. THE HELLACOPTERS – Heart Of The Matter13. DEMONS – Undertakers Lament14. BOTTLES AND SKULLS – Scream Scream15. THE SPUNKS – Russian Roulette16. GITOGITO HUSTLER – Wonderful17. RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS – That’s Entertainment18. BASEBALL FURIES – Set Me On Fire19. MENSEN – One Way Street20. RED PLANET – Blackout21. THE HYPNOMEN – Hush22. THE LAZY COWGIRLS – When It Comes To You I’ve Got No Dreams To Lose23. ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK – Killer KillerBonus Tracks:24. MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS – Art Of Patience25. BOTTLES AND SKULLS – Blockhead26. THE DRAGONS – Long Way To GoBuy on iTunes Store

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