I MARC 4: The Psych Jazzy Beat Of I Marc 4 CD


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Jewelcase 24 tracks smasher, compiled by DJ and TV producer Alessandro Casella for his label Black Cat for the ‘Loungissima’ series, this is a retrospective on the I MARC 4 rangin’ from 1970 to 1976, and also containing an interactive rom-track with the interview to Maurizio Majorana from the magazine “Il Giaguaro”. Original copies originally out in year 2000 and hard to find ever since.


1. Kim2. Happy-Beat3. Kay Board4. Sambaquarta5. Rum And Coke6. Luna7. Distortion Mind8. Asfalto In Agguato9. On The Rain10. Max11. Berkey 7012. Inchiesta Sulla Mafia13. The Sound14. Boxes15. Nichole16. Scherzo In Chiave Di Basso17. Beat Generation18. Corsa Pericolosa19. Light20. Rita21. Ballan22. Catherine23. Suoni Distorti24. Chivas

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