LORDS OF GRAVITY: The Curse of Icarus LP


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Lords Of Gravity are Australia’s Premier Garage-Punk outfit. Hailing from Melbourne Australia, the four-piece deliver the finest example of 1960’s pop-punk and surf influenced rock’n’roll. Including members of The Stoneage Hearts, The Crusaders, Hands Of Time, The Finkers, The Seminal Rats, and the list is long. Wearing their influences proudly these guys sure deliver the goods from snarling Farfisa driven organ R&B grind to classic tones of 60’s power pop jangling from the strings of their Vox guitars. Their debut “The Curse Of Icarus” is proudly presented by Rumble Skunk Records, and this great piece of wax comes with a  cool insert with liner notes written by Per Bystrom – Aarght! Overall, there’s lotsa cool fuzzed out Vox originals, three incredible fuzz to the max dynamites, a snotty number, a danceable-fuzzed-monster, plus fab 60’s Aussie covers of Master Apprentices and The Atlantics. Not to be missed!!! Pick up your copy and have fun!


A1. Outcast
A2. Danger Girl
A3. Lose My Mind
A4. Where You Gonna Run
A5. No Sunshine
A6. Funnel Web
B1. Pirate Lies
B2. Money
B3. Make Up Your Mind
B4. Cheating Kind
B5. Come On
B6. Poor Boy
B7. Honey

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