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Messer Chups are a Surf and instrumental band from St Petersburg, Russia, with a wide variety of influences and a whole heap of style. First time on vinyl….Fantastic album, fully remastered for vinyl by Oleg himself with 15 wonderful tracks of their signature sound….Surf with a touch of Rockabilly, plenty of reverb and tremolo a go go… Thrill to the sounds of ‘Lipstick Twang’. Get lost in ‘Back To The Bermuda Triangle’. And run for your life from the ‘Hollywood Devils’. Fabulous artwork by Sol Rac.TRACKLIST:A1. Caligari ShadowA2. Lipstick TwangA3. Man In A Caiman BootsA4. Zombierella Vs. Octopus ManA5. Voodoo ManA6. Authentic Bloodsucking MelodyA7. Chupacabra TwistA8. Hollywood DevilsB1. Daphne Blue LagoonB2. Dead Down ComedyB3. Aquanatic BusinessB4. Swamp FarmingB5. Animal WomanB6. Jason Bond 0013B7. Back To The Bermuda Triangle

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