MESSER CHUPS: The Incredible Crocotiger LP


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Messer Chups holy grail #2….Limited edition of the 2015 album that came out on a short run (on a Russian label)…Another €100+ album that you can nab for fraction of the collector price! All reverb soaked, echo laden Surfabilly (No lounge exotica on this)…Their signature ‘NOW’ sound, considered by many as their best album along with Church of Reverb…..TRACKLIST:A1. Ghost PartyA2. MagnetoA3. Moon RaceA4. Flesh And BloodA5. War PartyA6. JokermobileA7. Son Of ChupacabraB1. CrocotigerB2. Curse Of Stephen KongB3. Horns And HoovesB4. Tomb Sweet TombB5. Insomnia Of The MummiesB6. The MenaceB7. Titi Caca Titi

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