MOVING SOUNDS, THE: The Moving Sounds LP


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The Moving Sounds is the 3rd album from the Stockholm-based band of the same name. With the aid of vintage studio ‘Estudios Circo Perrotti’ and its stalwart production team of Jorge Explosion and Mike Mariconda, the band have conjured up 13 amazing tracks that demonstrate their versatility and groove power. Styled in black and shades of gold like a box of dark chocolates, the Moving Sounds gives you exactly what it says on the packet. The song-writing is a collective process brought to life in hermetically sealed rehearsal rooms during long weekends in Stockholm, with original ideas from band members electrocuted into action by the rest of the team. Once the varied array of songs have been honed into cool arrangements it only remains to perform and record them. The album was recorded in between the live dates on a Spanish tour adding to the drive of the ideas. It was the band’s first tour in Spain and audiences responded with excitement to their full-on performances.


A1. 24 Hours Love
A2. Jon Was A Rich Man
A3. (I Could) Put An End To All Of It
A4. Time To Disappear
A5. Tiny Mind
A6. Colours And Lines
B1. Don’t Wanna See Me
B2. Down To You
B3. Treehouse Horror
B4. All My Life
B5. I’m Sure
B6. Open Seven Days
B7. Never Follow Through

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