SURFITES, THE: Escapades In Space CD


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The Surfites are one of the most popular bands on Double Crown Records, thanks to their high energy, traditional Southern California sound, although they come from the far-away country of Sweden! Big Pounder had the reverb-drenched surf n’ hot rod sound that aficionados all over the world have raved about. After conquering Earth with their sound, they have turned their attention to other planets and galaxies. Escapades In Space is a 15 song interstellar romp, taking their sound into brand new dimensions!
1. Launch Pad
2. Comet’s Tail
3. Space Mover
4. Moon Buggy
5. Little Rocket Mill
6. Rainy Days In Space
7. Around The Galaxy
8. Danger Ahead
9. Space Encounter
10. Far & Beyond
11. Marching Robots
12. Mercurian Surf Stomp
13. Space Coach
14. Moon Made
15. Planetary Stroll

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