V/A: Back From The Grave Vol 3 LP


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V/A Back From The Grave Vol 3 LP, Crypt’s third offering featuring more underground ’60s garage rock. 17 loud wild mid-60’s garage punkers! Fully remastered, with updated liner notes and photos. A must in any collection.


A1. Chentelles – Be My Queen
A2. Little Willie & The Adolescents – Get Out Of My Life
A3. Ken & The Fourth Dimension – See If I Care
A4. Me & Them Guys – I Loved Her So
A5. Interns – I’ve Got Something To Say
A6. Intruders Five – Ain’t Comin’ Back
A7. Monacles – I Can’t Win
A8. Lil’ Boys Blue – I’m Not There
B1. Jerry & The Others – Don’t Cry To Me
B2. Fugitives – You Can’t Blame That On Me
B3. Raunch Hands – Tiger Guitars
B4. William The Wild One – Willie The Wild One
B5. Murphy & The Mob – Born Loser
B6. Mods – You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
B7. Sir Winston & The Commons – We’re Gonna Love
B8. Royal Flairs – Suicide
B9. Montells – You Can’t Make Me

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