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Delivered with force and ferocity,  this is the second album from a chaotic two-piece known as the Snakerattlers, comprising of married couple Dan Oliver Gott and Naomi Gott. It’s a hellbound voyage of rockabilly, garage, and traditional gum-chewing greaser rock and roll, delivered with venom and intense bursts of raw, erratic power. Intensive, thunderous drumming. Reverb-drenched double-amped guitar. Aggressive and haunting vocals. A screaming, wailing terrifying version of the rockabilly genre. After a few small shows in 2016 to spark the fire, including a live session for BBC Radio, the band set 2017 ablaze. They played a total of 62 shows in England, Scotland, The Netherlands and Switzerland.


A1. Aither’s Theme
A2. All Heads Will Roll
A3. Lose My Mind
A4. Do The Rattle Rock
A5. She’s Strange
A6. Rattle Rock Stomp
B1. I’ll Destroy Your Soul
B2. Standing On My Own
B3. Ooga Booga
B4. Snake Rattle Rock, Snake Rattle Roll – Listen & Watch
B5. Wild