LORDS OF ALTAMONT, THE: To Hell With The Lords LP (Striped White/Black/Red vinyl)


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Reissue of The Lords’ debut album!

We were tired of instrumental music, and completely burned out after touring 300 + shows a year in our previous band (the Bomboras). We needed a change, we needed rock n roll…fuzz guitar and leather. We were out for blood…big boots, bikes, and WILD ANGELS!

Recorded 100% analog and mastered to tape. Garage punk in its purity. Take all your biker movie soundtracks and throw em away, replace it with the soundtrack to your life…TO HELL WITH THE LORDS!!


1. The Split
2. The 7th Day
3. Too Old To Die
4. Three
5. Lean On Me
6. Come On!
7. Twisted Love
8. Come On Up
9. Dementia Are Go
10. Knock Knock
11. Stripped Down
12. Born To Lose

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