THEE CORSAIRS: Tales Of Rum And Whiskey LP


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Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum! Let’s propose a toast to Thee Corsairs, a finely dressed, finely tuned band of rock and roll pirates. Thee Corsairs combine the simplicity and energy of downright dirty garage rock and stylin’ rockabilly, greaser havoc. Each of their songs is a salty sea tale, reminiscent of 60’s garage rock infused with an element of imminent mystery and danger. There is no doubt that Thee Corsairs is “thee” best new addition to the rock scene in San Diego. “If Ye come seeking adventure and salty old pirates” feast ye eyes and ears on Thee Corsairs. But be warned, for Thee Corsairs have come to loot, pillage, and rock out! Gold Doubloon Button Badge with the first 250 copies!!!


A1. Davey Jone’s Locker
A2. Swamp Ass
A3. I Don’t Need You No More
A4. Rock N RollA5. The Creep
A6. Don’t Want Me Around
A7. Rocket 88A8. Bad
B1. Jack The Ripper
B2. Isabelle
B3. Shake Your Hips
B4. Rock N Roll (LIVE)
B5. Trucker Brown (LIVE)
B6. Rocket 88 (LIVE)
B7. Strychnine (LIVE)

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